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AI regulations must be adaptive, according to: Ministry

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs recommends that the process of drafting artificial intelligence (AI) regulations in Indonesia not be rushed because it must be precise and adaptive.

This statement was made by the Ministry’s Assistant Deputy for Increasing Labor Productivity, Chairul Saleh in Jakarta, Wednesday, in response to Circular Letter Number 9 of 2023 concerning AI Ethics which was ratified on December 19 2023.

“We think this (proper regulation) is what needs to be focused on (and) not just AI development. “We also need regulations that are agile and adaptive,” said Saleh at the Digital Economy, Employment and Micro and Small Economy Development event. , and media briefings on Medium Enterprises (MSME) Policy.

He underlined the importance of proper regulation in AI, because the digital economic sector currently needs creative and innovative people, but its application must be regulated, such as in aspects of data privacy and intellectual property (IP) rights in the use of AI.

“We have to be careful because if we limit everything then innovation will not develop,” he explained.

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To explain the importance of proper AI regulation, he gave the example of royalties for singers. The use of AI to imitate the voice of the late Indonesian singer Chrisye is one example.

He believes it is important to regulate the use of AI in replicating Chrisye’s voice.

“We see the late Chrisye ‘singing again’ (AI voice). “We need to focus on (how to manage royalties) as singers and not just AI development,” said Saleh.

He highlighted other approaches that could be taken, such as sandbox regulations in financial technology (fintech) companies.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, is encouraging collaboration with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to discuss generative AI regulations in Indonesia.

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AI regulations must be adaptive, according to: Ministry

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AI regulations must be adaptive, according to: Ministry

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