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Alumni Connect PPI World: War in Palestine must be immediate

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BusinessNews Indonesia – As part of the international community, the Alumni Connect Association of Indonesian Students throughout the World (Alumni Connect PPI Dunia) also provided a response regarding the conflict that has occurred in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip for more than 240 days. Through its Presidium Council, Alumni Connect PPI Dunia delivered a statement regarding the conflict in Palestine.

Secretary General of Connect PPI World Alumni, Hafizd Alharomain Lubis said that this war was the longest war since the war between Israel and Palestine which occurred in 1948-1949. This war has also caused enormous casualties. It was recorded that more than 36,000 people died, 86,500 people were injured and more than 1.4 million people were displaced due to the war. Moreover, the victims were predominantly civilians, especially women and children.

At the UN Security Council session last March, the UN Security Council also submitted Resolution number 2728 with a demand that an immediate ceasefire be implemented between Israel and Palestinian Fighters. However, until now, Israel has not heeded the Resolution and attacks continue to be launched by Israelis and Palestinian fighters. The latest is the tragedy of Israel’s attack on the refugee camp in Rafah on May 26 2024 which killed no less than 45 civilians.

“Of course the Connect PPI World Alumni are very sorry and concerned about the Israeli attack on the Refugee Camp in Rafah. Rafah is the last safe zone for civilian refugees in the Gaza Strip. And this really hurts the principles and peace efforts that are being tried to be built.” Said M. Ruhiyat Haririe representing the PPI World Alumni Liaison Presidium Council.

Ruhiyat Haririe added that this war is no longer about fighting over political boundaries. However, the war that has occurred in Palestine in recent months is also a concrete manifestation of the humanitarian crisis that has occurred in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip, for many years. This can also be classified as an attempt at genocide against the people of Gaza. “Of course we encourage this war to be stopped immediately with all our might and efforts. The inner humanity of all of us is disturbed by the display of mass murder that continues to occur. “Of course Indonesia has the opportunity to take the momentum to become a mediator between the two parties in order to immediately achieve peace on Palestinian land.”

The following are 7 points in the PPI World Alumni Connect attitude statement:

  1. Connect PPI Dunia alumni expressed their deep and encompassing condolences for the loss of tens of thousands of lives, predominantly civilians, especially women and children, caused by the war between Palestinian fighters in Gaza and Israel.
  2. Demand that the war in Palestine which has claimed so many lives be stopped immediately with all our might and efforts.
  3. Strongly oppose Israel’s colonization of Palestine and strongly condemn the politics of apartheid, genocide, holocaust and terrorism that Israel continues to carry out. As well as expressing deep regret and expressing condemnation of the harsh attacks carried out by Israel on the refugee camp in Rafah, which is the last remaining safe zone in the Gaza strip.
  4. Demand that Israel open access to humanitarian and logistical aid at the Rafah border and strongly condemn attempts to sabotage and hijack aid intended for Gaza residents by Israeli citizens.
  5. Encourage the UN, the Security Council, the ICC and all countries in the world to immediately take concrete, targeted and measurable steps to stop the war which has claimed tens of thousands of lives. In particular, by seriously implementing the results of the UN Security Council resolutions and also the ICC decision regarding the war in Gaza.
  6. Supports and appreciates the firm stance of the government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indonesian representatives at the UN who consistently defend the Palestinian struggle in international forums, especially through the OIC Summit, UN Security Council sessions and the UN general assembly. Connect PPI Dunia alumni also encouraged the government of the Republic of Indonesia to make mediation efforts for the two countries.
  7. Inviting all Indonesian people and the international community to continue to support the struggle of the Palestinian people. Whether it is by continuing to offer prayers for the safety of the Palestinian people in Gaza, campaigning for an immediate end to the war and also providing humanitarian assistance through official institutions recognized by the government.

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Alumni Connect PPI World: War in Palestine must be immediate

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Alumni Connect PPI World: War in Palestine must be immediate

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