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Astra Infra Continues Sustainability Commitment Today

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Jakarta, – As a form of commitment to supporting the realization of sustainable infrastructure, Astra Infra always makes various efforts to create environmental sustainability for today and the future of Indonesia.

“In line with Astra Sustainability Aspirations 2030, we are committed to always supporting the realization of desires, through various strategic steps and real efforts carried out in all our business units,” said Firman Yosafat Siregar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Astra Infra.

These strategic steps are outlined in the ESG Roadmap 2030 which serves as a guide for companies in carrying out cessation programs on environmental, social and good governance aspects in making business decisions. Astra Infra’s commitment and seriousness in implementing sustainability aspects begins with Start ESG Astra Infra 2022 was launched at the same time ESG Guide as a guide for business units to implement ESG practices in company operational activities.

In the environmental aspect, Astra Infra focuses on managing energy, waste, resources and managing its impact on the ecosystem. Several environmental aspects that are a priority for Astra Infra in carrying out its business operations include:

A) Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by its operations. Several initiatives have been carried out through the use of more efficient technology, the use of renewable energy, and reducing emissions from business processes. It was recorded that by the end of 2023 787 tCO2e of greenhouse gas emissions had been reduced from the company’s operational activities.

In line with this, Astra Infra launched the Astra Infra Mini Forest program, a land planting program with an arboretum concept, which focuses on planting various types of trees with high carbon absorption capacity in toll road operational areas which include operational offices, roads and exchange on the Astra Infra Group toll road. By the end of 2023, 236,394 trees had been planted by the Astra Infra Group.

B) Use Energy Renewable: Astra Infra encourages the use of new, renewable energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels which contribute to climate change. The latest energy sources such as solar energy, the use of environmentally friendly fuels are some examples of initiatives that have been implemented

For example, Astra Infra is committed to installing solar power plants or solar panels with a total capacity of 96.2 kWp in several operational areas. This is a continuation of the implementation of solar panel installation which began in 2021. Astra Infra is also collaborating with the State Electricity Company (PLN) to use 1,400 units Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) which is equivalent to 1,400 MWh. Until the end of 2023, 11.49% of the energy used in Astra Infra’s operational activities uses new, renewable energy.

C) Air Management: Some of the programs implemented include the use of efficient technology to reduce air consumption, waste water treatment and rainwater harvesting. It was recorded that at the end of 2023, Astra Infra had succeeded in reducing the intensity of air use by 26.56%, compared to 2019 which was the base year.

D) Waste Management: Astra Infra manages waste generated in its operational activities to reduce the impact on the environment. Astra Infra’s efforts in this regard focus on managing asphalt waste, domestic waste and sewage

Apart from that, Astra Infra is also carrying out the Spirit of Reducing Plastic Movement through strengthening waste banks, education, and campaigns to reduce single-use usage as well as ways to sort plastic among employees and the community. In 2023, 27,821 tonnes of solid waste resulting from the Company’s operational activities will have been processed.

Astra Infra always strives to make a positive contribution to environmental conservation efforts for today and the future of Indonesia, in line with Astra’s ideals to prosper with the nation and support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Astra Infra Continues Sustainability Commitment Today

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Astra Infra Continues Sustainability Commitment Today

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