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Astra Tol Tangerang – Merak Provides School Assistance in Lebak,

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Lebak, – ASTRA Tol Tangerang-Merak (Astra Tol Tamer) is committed to participating in supporting government efforts, one of which is improving the quality of education in Indonesia. Through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, especially in the education sector. Among the educational CSR programs that have been implemented by Astra Tol Tamer include a 4 pillar training program, namely academics, character, arts and culture and life skills, in collaboration with the Astra Michael D Ruslim Education Foundation.

This time, ASTRA Tol Tamer again provided educational program assistance for inland schools in the Lebak area, which have limited supporting infrastructure for teaching and learning activities (KBM), namely SDN 1 Datarcae which is located in Babakan Village, Datarcae Village, Cirinten District, Lebak Regency . The assistance provided includes the construction of additional classrooms, classroom furniture and school sanitation in the form of providing clean water and repairing school toilets which will also support the Clean & Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) program in the school environment.

On this occasion, Rinaldi as Director was immediately present to hand over the building assistance that had been completed and the infrastructure that had been provided. This event was also attended by the Head of the Lebak Regency Education and Culture Service, the Head of Cirinten Subdistrict, the Head of Cirinten Village, the Principal of SDN 1 Datarcae, as well as local community leaders.

“This activity is a form of our concern and contribution, one of which is towards education, through support in providing adequate facilities and infrastructure, we hope to support the smooth running of learning activities,” said Rinaldi.

Rinaldi also said that this donation was Astra Tol Tamer’s effort to realize Astra’s CSR Education pillar which was branded with the Smart Infra program by Astra Infra as the holding company.

“We have high hopes that donations in the form of facilities and infrastructure can ignite enthusiasm for learning for students and motivation for schools and teaching staff to be able to create superior, intelligent and moral human resources for Indonesia and a sustainable future,” said Rinaldi.

Apart from that, on the other hand, the Principal of SDN 1 Datarcae, expressed his thanks and appreciation for ASTRA Tol Tamer, which has provided assistance to support the learning & teaching process. “We would like to thank ASTRA Tangerang-Merak Toll Road for providing very useful and needed assistance to help all school residents,” concluded Yani.

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Astra Tol Tangerang – Merak Provides School Assistance in Lebak,

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Astra Tol Tangerang – Merak Provides School Assistance in Lebak,

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