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AstraPay Inspirational Dialogue: BI AstraPay Appreciation Program

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Jakarta, – Indonesia has experienced a significant transformation in the financial landscape driven by the process of integrating payment systems with current digital technology developments. The Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) is one of the key innovations that has succeeded in revolutionizing the payment process to make it simpler and has contributed greatly to the growth of financial inclusion in Indonesia.

However, this growth must of course be balanced with an increase in understanding and good digital literacy for the Indonesian people, which is still minimal. This can be seen through the results of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) survey which shows that the digital literacy level of Indonesian people in 2022 will only reach 41 percent.

AstraPay as one of the digital wallet service providers under the auspices of the Astra Group and part of Astra Financial contributes to encouraging increased understanding of digital financial literacy for the public through event programs AstraPay Inspirational Dialogue with themes “Development of QRIS-Based Digital Financial Literacy: An Innovative Approach for the Indonesian Region” which was held on Wednesday (13/6) at Toyota Auto2000 Sudirman, Menara Astra, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

Present as main speaker At the event, Head of Bank Indonesia’s MSME Development and Consumer Protection Group, Diana Yumanita, said Bank Indonesia had carried out various initiatives to encourage progress in the digital payment system in optimizing QRIS in Indonesia. One of the advantages that can be felt is that transactions using QRIS can be carried out across countries, such as in Malaysia, Thailand and most recently in Singapore.

“In the midst of the rapid development of digital payment systems today, digital financial literacy is of course a challenge that needs to be overcome. Digital financial literacy is very important so that people can understand the benefits and other things that need to be considered when using digital payment systems. “Without adequate understanding, society can be vulnerable to fraud, data coverage and other security problems,” said Diana.

In the middle of her presentation, Diana mentioned that currently there are still some gap between literacy levels and financial inclusion in Indonesia. “The low level of literacy certainly requires collaboration from all parties to be able to encourage a better understanding of financial literacy in the future,” said Diana. Previously, the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Perry Warjiyo, directed payment system policies through strengthening digital literacy and risk management for organizers and the public.

Diana said “it is hoped that the digital payment system in Indonesia will continue to get stronger, because it has a very positive impact on the economy in Indonesia. “This can be seen from the volume of QRIS transactions which will reach IDR 459.4 trillion in 2023,” said Diana.

Meanwhile, AstraPay Commissioner and Activist Digital PaymentsPeter Jacobs, said that the presence of Bank Indonesia as regulator of the Indonesian payment system in the event program initiated by AstraPay as one of the financial services business actors is a form of seriousness in positive collaboration that supports increasing good financial understanding for the public.

“Understanding good digital financial literacy will certainly help people choose digital service products, avoid all forms of fraud and digital threats, and increase transparency and accountability from financial service providers,” said Peter.

Furthermore, Peter Regarding QRIS-based digital financial literacy which is in line with the theme of our event today, the current development of QRIS should be a momentum to make digital financial literacy a reality. Literacy in this case is related to increasing public understanding of how to use QRIS, understanding the types of QRIS that apply, and of course avoiding fraud using fake QRIS.

Also present Exclusive highest official (CEO) AstraPay, Rina Apriana, became speaker in implementing the program. Rina said that AstraPay as a digital wallet service provider company plays an important role in the increasingly developing digital payment ecosystem.

“With the increasing adoption of financial technology, the use of QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) as a digital payment method is also becoming more widespread with the ease and speed of transactions offered. AstraPay is also present to support more massive optimization of QRIS use for a number of people trader “especially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs),” said Rina.

Meanwhile, Rina said that the total number of AstraPay users up to May 2024 had reached more than 13 million users with the number of transactions reaching 32 million times and the achievement of Gross Transaction Value (GTV) which reached IDR 19.03 trillion in the January-May 2024 period.

“By the end of 2024, AstraPay is targeting 15 million users with the number of transactions we are targeting at 32 million and with GTV targeted to reach IDR 52.59 trillion,” said Rina.

AstraPay as a financial services business actor (PUJK) also has an important role in supporting increased understanding of digital payment systems to support the development and innovation of healthy and sustainable payment systems.

AstraPay believes that people who have a good understanding of financial products and services and good digital payments can be careful in every smart digital financial management.

2024 National Journalism Award

For the first time, AstraPay is holding a journalistic competition to produce articles written on AstraPay’s 4th anniversary and at the same time delivering a program which is a medium for conveying digital financial literacy to the public. The competition is open to print and online media, where it is hoped that articles submitted during the period 13 June – 13 August 2024 can include a series of AstraPay 4th Anniversary activities which are elaborated with digital financial literacy information related to the digital financial system. Journalistic works that will be contested can be sent via the link

For AstraPay, this National Journalism Award is a form of the company’s commitment to encouraging increased financial literacy and inclusion as planned by the OJK. AstraPay’s Vice President of Partnerships, Karnanda Kurniardhi, said “AstraPay is committed to continuing to support increasing financial literacy and inclusion for the Indonesian people. “Through the AstraPay Journalism Award program, it is hoped that it will become a medium for companies like AstraPay and the mass media to collaborate in increasing the public’s understanding of finance,” said Nanda.

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AstraPay Inspirational Dialogue: BI AstraPay Appreciation Program

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AstraPay Inspirational Dialogue: BI AstraPay Appreciation Program

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