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Born in the World, Connecting the World – C&D Inc. Debut at “The 1st Global Summit of Chinese Enterprises”

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Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire) – As globalization deepens, Chinese companies are facing a new wave of expansion overseas. Recently, the two-day “First Global Summit of Chinese Companies Going Overseas and Mid-Year Industry Summit 2024” was held at the National University of Singapore.

The summit, initiated by Wu Xiaobo Channel and Jingdang Business School, invited more than 50 political and business leaders as well as representatives from business associations in ASEAN countries to attend. Nearly a thousand representatives of companies focused on developing overseas travel gathered to focus on the trends and opportunities of companies going overseas. Among them, C&D Inc. was invited by the event organizer to share the three principles and seven supply chain trends overseas as a representative of the supply chain industry.

Think Deeply and Act with Purpose

“Chartered flights to reach global markets for orders” “10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative”… Based on the huge demand and opportunities for economic transformation and upgrading, Chinese companies going overseas is not just the development direction of one company companies but also an inevitable trend in the current era.

C&D Inc., which grew up with the special economic zone, not only provided a window for the “investment attraction” of the special region in the 1980s but also started the import and export trade business early. From the beginning, the company was deeply rooted in international genes and became one of the pioneers of “going out” Chinese companies; in the current era of high-level openness, it is also one of the main forces helping Xiamen build a new development pattern.

Relying on nearly 40 years of international business experience and the company’s professional accumulation in the fields of steel, pulp and paper, automotive, agricultural products, consumer goods, minerals, energy and chemicals, as well as emerging industries, C&D Inc. summarizes and refines the “Three principles and seven trends of supply chains going global” from the perspective of overseas steel supply chains, providing strategic and tactical references for Chinese enterprises going overseas in the early or early stages.

Globalization, specialization and localization are the three main principles that overseas companies need to focus on. Analyzing the development cycle of C&D steel supply chain business from non-existence to existence and from small to large, Cheng Dongfang, Deputy General Manager of C&D Inc., believes: “Companies going overseas must have the confidence to ‘go out’ and not lose their opportunities . direction in a complex environment; they must have ‘specialization’ capabilities to find marketing value in global competition; they must have ‘localization’ business thinking to solve obstacles according to local conditions.”

In the international business process, opportunities and challenges coexist. From the perspective of C&D Inc.’s supply chain business, they suggest that Chinese enterprises should pay attention to seven major trends of struggle – “From globalization to regional globalization” “From simple trade to supply chain operations” “From supply chain to industrial chain” “From output to overseas to overseas capacity” “Talent is always the key” “Green and low carbon is always the trend” “The future is always full of imagination”.

Company representatives at the scene said that they used to feel that the companies operating the supply chain were “invisible and intangible”. Through case demonstrations and real experience of C&D Inc., they perceive the image of a reliable and mutually beneficial partner that “connects upstream and downstream, and connects home and abroad.”

Maintaining the Industry and Leading the supply chain industry

It is understood that C&D Inc. is a core member company of Xiamen C&D Corporation, a “Fortune Global 500” company, committed to providing customers with integrated “LIFT supply chain service” solutions covering the industrial chain, including customized combinations of “Logistics”, “Information”, ” Finance”, “Trade” and other service elements, and is one of the first “national model companies for supply chain innovation and implementation”.

Currently, C&D Inc. mainly focuses on the steel, pulp and paper, automobile, agricultural products, consumer goods, non-ferrous minerals, energy and chemical, and mechanical and electrical industries, and has established business relationships with more than 170 countries and regions around the world. World.

In recent years, C&D Inc. continue to strengthen technological and financial empowerment, continuously enhance the value of supply chain services through investment and logistics support, build differentiated competitive advantages, and achieve stable growth in its own scale and benefits.

Cheng Dongfang said: “Taking advantage of new opportunities of international development, actively integrating into the new development pattern of regional economic development and domestic and international dual circulation, C&D Inc. will continue to adhere to the concept of open cooperation, continue to optimize resource allocation, strengthen chain collaboration industry, and enhance the benefits of the value chain, to provide professional, efficient and reliable services for global customers, and jointly write a new chapter of open, mutually beneficial and win-win integration.”

Source: C&D Inc.

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Born in the World, Connecting the World – C&D Inc. Debut at “The 1st Global Summit of Chinese Enterprises”

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Born in the World, Connecting the World – C&D Inc. Debut at “The 1st Global Summit of Chinese Enterprises”

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