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Box Office Director Hadrah Daeng Ratu Film Director

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Jakarta, — Printing director of films Blockbuster Hadrah Daeng Ratu directed the latest religious romance drama film entitled “Pantaskah Aku Berhijab” starring Bryan Domani and Nadya Arina. The film “Pantaskah Aku Berhijab” was produced by Deni Saputra, produced by Narasi Semesta and became a production of Narasi Semesta which also made it their first production film. The film’s screenplay was written by Cassandra Massardi.

Apart from Bryan Domani and Nadya Arina, the religious romance drama film “Pants I’m Hijab” also stars Nadzira Shafa, Dhini Aminarti, Indra Birowo, Tike Priyatna, Cakrawala Airawan, Hifdzi Khoir, Azkya Mahira, and Najla. This film was also Nadzira Shafa’s first experience, the author of the best-selling novel “172 Days”, playing a role in the film.

“It’s Worthy for Me to Wear the Hijab” is the latest collaboration from director Hadrah Daeng Ratu with Bryan Domani, Nadya Arina, and Nadzira Shafa. Previously, Bryan had starred in films directed by Hadrah including “172 Days” and “Missing Light de Amstel.” Meanwhile, Nadya Arina has played in the film “Perfect Fit.” Nadzira Shafa, her novel, “172 Days” was adapted into a film directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu.

“It’s Worthy of Me to Wear the Hijab” tells the story of a young girl named Sofi who is full of wounds in experiencing love and life, but she has a male friend, Aqsa, who always accompanies her in good times and bad, and also accompanies Sofi to find her life again and make peace with fate. How does Sofi and Aqsa’s story end?

“The film “It’s Worthy of Me to Wear the Hijab” is a romantic drama genre film that has a light religious nuance. “Through the characters Sofi and Aqsa, we want to invite the audience to explore the twists and turns of life and the process of forgiving the past, as well as how we can make peace with fate,” said director Hadrah Daeng Ratu.

“Narasi Semesta wants to present a film that can captivate the audience’s conversation through a story that can be reflected on. About the journey of life’s ups and downs through the character Sofi. “Hopefully our first offering will be well received by Indonesian audiences,” added producer Deni Saputra.

Bryan Domani, who has worked with Hadrah Daeng Ratu several times, is very enthusiastic about the latest collaboration film between the two. According to Bryan, “My Pants Are Hijab” provides a new experience with the character he plays, Aqsa.

“From the character Aqsa, I learned a lot about how to be support system the real one. Working again with Ibu Hadrah is certainly a pleasure. The director who gives the actors space to explore their characters and gives clear directions and builds a more comfortable shooting atmosphere,” said Bryan Domani.

Hadrah Daeng Ratu, known as a film director and producer blockbuster movie. Starting from the horror genre to religious drama, finding a place in the hearts of the audience. Several Hadrah films that were successful and sold well in theaters, such as “Sijjin” (1,900,000++ viewers), “Pemandi Jenazah” (1,600,000++ viewers) and “172 Days” (3,000,000++ viewers). Look forward to the film “Pelana Aku Berhijab” which will be showing in theaters this year!

Keep up to date with the latest information regarding the film “Pantaskah Aku Berhijab” via the Instagram account @narasisemesta_official.

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Box Office Director Hadrah Daeng Ratu Film Director

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Box Office Director Hadrah Daeng Ratu Film Director

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