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Climate change causes many problems related to pregnancy: BKKBN

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Chairman of the National Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Hasto Wardoyo, while attending the 73rd anniversary of the Indonesian Midwives Association in Jakarta, Monday, said climate change was causing many problems related to pregnancy, including premature birth.

The commemorative theme “The Role of Midwives in Increasing National Resilience Against the Climate Crisis Through Synergy and Collaboration” is in line with International Midwives Day 2024 with the theme “Midwives: Vital Climate Solution”.

Wardoyo said that many studies show that global warming has increased the physiological burden on women, causing premature birth. He also noted an increased rate of intrauterine growth retardation due to environmental stress.

“Flooding also causes stress, and automatically (causes) complications during pregnancy,” he explained.

Apart from that, cases of pre-eclampsia are also expected to increase along with environmental damage due to climate change.

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Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous condition where women who usually have normal blood pressure suddenly experience high blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This condition is dangerous for the mother and baby.

“So, when global warming occurs, and there are new things (that make someone stressed, and past problems have not been resolved, be careful. (The goal) of reducing the maternal mortality rate to 70 per 100 thousand live births is a challenge.” he says.

Currently, he continued, the maternal mortality rate is 189 per 100 thousand, and is targeted to be reduced to 183 in 2024 and to 70 per 100 thousand in 2030.

Climate change is also triggering other health problems besides pregnancy complications, he said. Impacts include deaths from heat exposure and water and air contamination, which can cause respiratory problems, and food shortages, he added.

Global warming and rising sea levels could also exacerbate problems arising from inadequate sanitation facilities, for example toilets that do not have adequate drainage, for people living on the coast, he said.

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Climate change causes many problems related to pregnancy: BKKBN

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Climate change causes many problems related to pregnancy: BKKBN

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