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Entering the Golden Period, Jasindo Prepares Business Strategy

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BusinessNews Indonesia – PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Jasindo) recorded positive performance throughout 2023 to 2024. This positive performance was supported by the transformation efforts carried out by Jasindo management since last year, or when Jasindo turned 50 years old (golden period).

Andy Samuel, Main Director of Jasindo Insurance, said that 2022 is not important for Jasindo to start a series of company strategic initiatives in order to improve and create a sustainable insurance business. Where, this initiative strategy is implemented through six (6) main initiatives included in the Financial Rehabilitation Plan (RPK).

“Apart from reconstructing Credit Insurance and reaffirming the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Jasindo has also succeeded in increasing Risk Based Capital (RBC) above 120% which is a requirement in the insurance industry,” said Andy in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday 4 June 2024.

Andy continued, as a commitment to maintaining the sustainability of the implementation of the 6 main initiatives that have been carried out, in 2022 management will restructure the business strategy which will be realized in business remodeling by centralizing the acceptance, claims and financial processes to the head office or Head Office. Furthermore, in 2023, the company will confirm its centralization efforts by realizing changes to the organizational structure, so that the Representative Office will no longer have technical and financial functions.

This effort, said Andy, is intended so that service offices or Jasindo Representative Offices in the regions can focus on business penetration. Where, the main focus of penetration is directed at the corporate segment, both BUMN and Non-BUMN through products that are the Company’s core competencies.

Departing from this strategy, he is optimistic that Jasindo’s management will be able to realize the Company’s vision of providing insurance services of customer choice through value-added services and playing an active role in improving the nation’s welfare.

“Moreover, currently Jasindo is also part of the holding company for state-owned insurance and guarantee companies, namely IFG, which is known to have a large ecosystem. “By also implementing an excellent risk management partnership, we are confident we can understand the insured’s protection needs,” said Andy.

Become a Market Leader in the Golden Period

Entering its 51st year, which fell on June 2 2024, Jasindo’s management has again emphasized its commitment to running the Company’s business in a sustainable manner. Referring to the Company’s vision and mission, Jasindo management has refocused its business on the corporate segment as a core competency.

With long experience and supported by a large and strong ecosystem, Jasindo management is ready to become a market leader in the general insurance industry.

“By returning to its expertise, Jasindo is ready to become a market leader in the segments and business lines that are its core competencies. “This success is clear evidence of the Company’s commitment to facing challenges and preparing for a sustainable future,” concluded Andy.

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Entering the Golden Period, Jasindo Prepares Business Strategy

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Entering the Golden Period, Jasindo Prepares Business Strategy

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