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First Look “Is It OK for Me to Cry Just Once” Shows Prilly

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Jakarta, — The film “Is It OK to Just Once Kumenangis” presented by Sinemaku Pictures, directed by Reka Wijaya, releases its first appearance (First sight). Showing Prilly Latuconsina with a very different appearance from the usual characters she plays in films. In First sight “Can I just cry once?” Prilly is seen with her face covered in acne and wearing braces.

In First sight, it is also shown that Dikta is always close to Prilly Latuconsina. Apart from these two, several faces appeared inside First sight among them are Kristo Immanuel, Shania Gracia, Widi Mulia, and Ummi Quary. The five of them are currently in a group consultation session. In First sight Antonio Blanco, Dominique Sanda and Surya Saputra were also seen. Dominique and Surya will become Prilly’s parents. From uploaded photos First sight Likewise, it was stated that the film “Can I Just Once I Win” will be broadcast in 2024. The film “Is It OK to Just Once Kumenangis” will be a Sinemaku Pictures film that can represent the feelings of audiences who like to keep their pain to themselves.

Apart from her role, Prilly Latuconsina also produced the film “Is It OK to Just Once Kumenangis” with Yahni Damayanti and Umay Shahab. This film will be the second title released by Sinemaku Pictures this year in cinemas after the horror film “Temurun.”

“From First sight which we share via the Instagram account, we want to share with the audience and introduce the characters and their world in the film “It’s May Once Only Kumenangis.” “Hopefully it will be well received and when the film is shown, Indonesian audiences will feel connected to the characters in this film who have their own problems,” said Producer and actor of “It’s OK to Just Once Kumenangis” Prilly Latuconsina.

Periodically, the film “Bolehkah Just Once Kumenangis” will continue to release the latest information about the line-up of actors and characters, synopsis and other things via the Sinemaku Pictures social media account.

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First Look “Is It OK for Me to Cry Just Once” Shows Prilly

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First Look “Is It OK for Me to Cry Just Once” Shows Prilly

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