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Floods inundated 171 houses in Banggai Laut, South Sulawesi

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Palu, Central Sulawesi (ANTARA) –

The Central Sulawesi Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported that flooding caused 171 houses to be submerged in Banggai Laut Regency as of Thursday (13 June 2024).

Based on the latest assessment, the number of residents’ houses that were flooded was 171 units in three sub-districts, said Head of Central Sulawesi BPBD Akris Fattah Yunus in Jakarta, Saturday.

He said that flooding was recorded in the villages of Lamboko, Kokini, Pasir Putih, Lampa, Tano Bonunungan, Lompio and Dodung, Banggai District.

A total of 54 families and 30 houses were affected by flooding in Lamboko, 97 houses were flooded in Kokini, 30 houses were flooded and village roads were slightly damaged in Pasir Putih, and 10 families were affected by flooding in Lampa Village.

Furthermore, 74 families were affected by flooding in Tano Bonunungan. Meanwhile, flooding was reported in one of the markets in Lompio Village and data for Dodung Village is still being collected.

In Bentean Village, Banggai Selatan District, 51 families were recorded as being affected by the flood.

In Banggai Tengah District, floods have submerged four villages, including Monsongan, which caused 14 houses to be flooded, and Badumpayan, which caused 68 families to be affected by flooding.

To deal with the impact of the disaster, the local SAR team has evacuated 17 people to evacuation posts that have been established by BPBD Banggai Laut Regency.

According to Yunus, the local BPBD is still collecting data and coordinating with village officials and helping residents in flood-affected areas.

“This is to ensure that flood management is carried out well. “The current emergency needs are logistics, clean water, infiltration wells, crossing facilities and river normalization,” he said.

He noted that rain with light to moderate intensity was still occurring in the area, and several residential areas were still flooded.

Apart from that, the villages of Lampa, Lompio and Tano Bonunungan are still experiencing flooding.

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Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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Floods inundated 171 houses in Banggai Laut, South Sulawesi

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Floods inundated 171 houses in Banggai Laut, South Sulawesi

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