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Indonesia calls for interfaith digital collaboration at the 3rd ICC-IRS

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia is calling for the establishment of digital collaboration between global religious education institutions for the advancement of religion, education and culture through the 3rd International Conference on Christian and Interreligious Studies (ICC-IRS).

This conference was held by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, on 20-22 June.

“The international collaboration that took place in this event illustrates the importance of cross-border cooperation in advancing the fields of religion, education and culture in the digital era,” said Jeane Marie Tulung, Director General of Christian Community Guidance at the Ministry, in her statement. on Thursday.

“Digitalization has a very important role in the world of education, especially in facing the rapid development of technology,” he added.

Tulung said digitalization not only expands access to education but also opens up opportunities for innovation and global collaboration, as well as increasing efficiency in the education sector.

He added that he considered it very important to discuss the themes of religion, education and culture because technological developments have had a significant impact on the way society views, understands and feels these aspects.

“In the field of religion, technology has supported access to information and a wider understanding of religious beliefs. “We can access sacred texts, lectures and spiritual discussions more easily via the Internet,” he explained.

This allows for more inclusive learning and personalization of education based on each individual’s needs, Tulung said.

However, it is important for everyone to maintain the values ​​of ethics, integrity and fairness in digital education, he added.

“We need to use technology wisely to enrich understanding of religion, improve the quality of education, and promote cultural diversity without sacrificing human values, justice and truth,” he said.

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Indonesia calls for interfaith digital collaboration at the 3rd ICC-IRS

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Indonesia calls for interfaith digital collaboration at the 3rd ICC-IRS

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