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Indonesia discusses ratifying the nuclear test ban agreement with the CTBTO

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Jakarta (ANTARA) –

Indonesia held a meeting with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) to discuss progress on the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

According to a press release received by BETWEEN from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta on Wednesday, the meeting was held by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and CTBTO Executive Secretary, Robert Floyd.

“This meeting is very important in the midst of a world situation that is increasingly filled with uncertainty where conflict and war can occur at any time,” said Marsudi after the meeting in Vienna, Austria, Tuesday.

He added that regarding the CTBT, the provisions state that the agreement will come into force if the countries listed in Appendix II of the CTBT ratify it.

“The Annex II countries referred to here are countries that took part in the CTBT negotiations from 1994 to 1996 at the Conference on Disarmament, which once had and still have nuclear weapons and/or large capacity nuclear reactors,” he explained.

Currently the CTBT has been signed by 187 countries and ratified by 178 countries.

Ratification is still needed from eight Annex II countries – China, North Korea, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and the United States – for this to be implemented, which is usually called entry into force, said Marsudi.

Indonesia is an Annex II country that ratified the agreement in 2011.

Marsudi said his visit to the CTBTO was a form of Indonesia’s commitment to multilateralism.

“Many people doubt multilateralism. For Indonesia, we actually ask: What would happen if there was no multilateralism? “What will definitely happen is ‘the strong will control everything’,” he added.

Therefore, he believes it is a shared responsibility to continue to strengthen multilateralism, including through the CTBT.

In the meeting with the CTBTO Executive Secretary, he discussed several things, including progress on ratification.

“We welcome the ratification of PNG (Papua New Guinea) on March 13 this year, and we agree to continue to push for ratification by the Annex II countries,” he said.

Next, Marsudi discussed the cooperation carried out by Indonesia.

“Our cooperation is quite strong, currently Indonesia has six CTBTO seismic stations, namely in Jayapura, Sorong, Parapat, Kappang, Baumata and Lembang,” he said.

“These stations are very useful for the tsunami early warning system in Indonesia, and I convey that Indonesia is ready to carry out stronger cooperation with the CTBTO,” he added.

He also hopes that more Indonesian representatives will be considered to work at the CTBTO.

“I also hope that the internship program for both students and young professionals at CTBTO can receive support,” he said.

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Indonesia discusses ratifying the nuclear test ban agreement with the CTBTO

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Indonesia discusses ratifying the nuclear test ban agreement with the CTBTO

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