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Indonesia is compiling a National Zakat Roadmap 2025-2045

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Religion is currently preparing a National Zakat Roadmap 2025-2045 to optimize national zakat management to support community welfare.

“With data from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of 71 million families and 250 million people, we must avoid duplicating the use of regional funds,” said the Ministry’s Director of Zakat and Waqf Empowerment, Waryono Abdul Ghafur, in a statement in Jakarta, Sunday.

He noted that the road map covering the human development cycle, basic services, social protection, productivity and character development must receive attention from the relevant parties.

He further said that the road map must also include performance indicators for zakat collectors, a module for strengthening zakat, and regulations that support the profession of zakat collectors.

Ghafur highlighted the importance of special zakat programs to support community welfare.

“We must divide the stages of zakat development into long term, short term and medium term, in accordance with an eternal vision which must be in line with the eight missions of the development agenda and 17 sustainable development goals,” he said. .

He also emphasized the importance of accuracy in providing assistance, implementation time, and verification in zakat management.

Through these efforts, he said, zakat will have a significant impact in reducing poverty rates.

“The accuracy of zakat assistance must be supported by the right implementation time and an accurate verification process. “That way, zakat can have a significant impact in alleviating poverty,” he explained.

Therefore, he underlined the need to pay attention to harmonization, verification and validation of data between all stakeholders, even at the village level.

He hopes that the formulation of the 2025-2045 National Zakat Road Map can be an effort to identify directions, problems and strategic issues for zakat management towards the vision of a Golden Indonesia 2045.

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Indonesia is compiling a National Zakat Roadmap 2025-2045

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Indonesia is compiling a National Zakat Roadmap 2025-2045

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