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Indonesian Film Festival Committee Announces Five 2024 FFI Ambassadors

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Jakarta, — The 2024–2026 FFI Committee announced the names of the 2024 FFI Ambassadors. They are Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Kamila Andini, Lutesha Sadhewa, and Bryan Domani. These five names are film personalities who have achieved achievements in the world of film, from various elements and across generations. The five of them will introduce and echo the theme of FFI 2024: “Merandai Cakrawala Indonesian Cinema.” The appointment of the fifth name is also a concrete manifestation of the meaning of the FFI 2024 theme, showing collaboration inspired by the spirit of equality in building a creative, innovative, inclusive and productive Indonesian film ecosystem.

Slamet Rahardjo Djarot is an actor, director and screenwriter who has been working for more than 50 years. His experience in acting makes him known as a versatile professional even now. Slamet Rahardjo Djarot is already familiar in Malang across the worlds of theater, cinema, performing arts, and is one of the most influential figures in the Indonesian film industry. Throughout his career, Slamet Rahardjo Djarot has received many Citra Cup awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Music Director, Best Screenwriter and Best Director.

The name attached to the character Cinta in “What’s Wrong With Love?” (2002), Dian Sastrowardoyo made her debut through the film “Falling Stars” (2000). In 2001, she made a stunning appearance through Daya’s performance in “Pesir Berbisnis” (2001) and succeeded in winning various international awards, including the winner of the Silver Screen Award for Best Actress at the Singapore International Film Festival and the winner of Best Actress Lotus at the Deauville Asian Film Festival.

Until now, he is still actively starring in various film titles, including the hit series “Cretek Girl” which has his name attached to the character Jeng Yah. Apart from acting, Dian is also honing her writing and directing through the Omnibus “Quarantine Tales” for the segment “Nougat” (2020) and the short film “Dini Hari” (2022). Dian has been nominated for four FFI Citra Awards for Best Female Lead Actor with one win for the film “What’s Up With Love?” (2022)

A talented female director named Kamila Andini has received many awards for her various film works. His directorial debut began with the film “Secrets Behind Cita Rasa” (2002). In 2011, Kamila Andini won the Citra Cup in the Best Original Story category for her film “The Mirror Never Lies” (2011), which also won international awards such as the Tokyo International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival. Through her film “Sekala Niskala” (2018), Kamila Andini received the Citra Cup award at the 2018 Indonesian Film Festival, as well as awards at many international film festivals.

The name Luthesa Sadhewa or better known as Lutesha is an actress who started her career in the short film entitled “The Junk Society” (2012). This Dutch Literature graduate from the University of Indonesia has acted in many films throughout her performance, and has played an active role in the Indonesian film industry, such as being a brand ambassador for the Jakarta Film Week event in 2023. Lutesha has received the Citra Cup award for Best Female Supporting Actor at FFI 2023 to approve the film “The Big 4” (2022)

The talented young actor Bryan Domani first became famous through his roles in television series. He then gained the confidence to play feature films and now his name is always a mainstay for producers and directors. He has starred in blockbuster films such as “Miracle in Cell no. 7” (2022), “When It Stops Here” (2023), and “172 Days” (2023). With the mass base he has, it is hoped that Bryan’s name as FFI 2024 Ambassador will also be able to expand the treasures of cinema and introduce the FFI 2024 event to Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

“The names of the 2024 FFI Ambassadors reflect cross-generational collaboration in the Indonesian cinema industry. They are also names whose works have received critical acclaim and audience acceptance. “We hope that by appointing the fifth name as FFI Ambassador, we can expand the treasures of Indonesian cinema to all levels of Indonesian society,” said Chairman of the 2024–2026 FFI Committee, Ario Bayu.

Previously, the management of the FFI Committee for the 2024–2026 period was formed, chaired by Ario Bayu. The 2024–2026 FFI Committee is Ario Bayu (Committee Chair), Prilly Latuconsina (Executive Chair), Budi Irawanto (Judging Chair), Mandy Marahimin (Secretariat Chair), Gita Fara (Finance and Business Development Chair), Pradetya Novitri (Chair Events Division), Nazira C. Noer (Head of Event Public Relations), and Michael Ratnadwijanti (Head of Judging Public Relations).

The 2024–2026 FFI Committee Members and 2024 FFI Ambassadors will be committed to encouraging the collaboration process so that they can find new opportunities and potential in the Indonesian film industry. Collaboration is also the soul and main foundation of FFI 2024. Follow the latest information on the 2024 Indonesian Film Festival via the official FFI social media channel on Instagram @festivalfilmid and the official website at

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Indonesian Film Festival Committee Announces Five 2024 FFI Ambassadors

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Indonesian Film Festival Committee Announces Five 2024 FFI Ambassadors

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