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ISPE 2024 was successfully held again and invited various sectors

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Jakarta, – Sustainability or collapse is a concept that refers to the ability of a system (be it environmental, economic, social, or a combination of the three) to survive over a long period of time. This concept of desire has also begun to be applied to several aspects of government, one of which is procurement. Sustainable procurement here is the procurement of goods or services that have the aim of providing economic benefits that benefit not only the Ministries, Institutions or Regional Apparatus that use them, but also for society as a whole. According to the page, the value of government procurement spending in 2024 will reach IDR 1,160 trillion. The PBJ budget for Ministries/Institutions/Regional Governments annually reaches IDR 1226.2 trillion, thus creating great opportunities for local business actors.

Indonesia Sustainable Procurement Expo 2024, was again successfully held on 11-12 June 2024, at SMESCO Indonesia. Collaboration between AKEN (National Economic Consultants Association) and Keren Event Organizer, with support from the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, LKPP, Ministry of Manpower, National Commission on Violence Against Women, Prov. DKI Jakarta, and Kab. Central Bangka marks the importance of joint efforts to present innovative solutions in the procurement sector in Indonesia. ISPE 2024 is the first and largest procurement exhibition in Indonesia. Not only that, ISPE also exists as an important platform for stakeholders in the procurement industry to convey ideas, explore opportunities and strengthen commitment to sustainable procurement.

Carrying the theme “Implementation of Sustainable Procurement Through Effective Use of Domestic Products, Empowerment of MSMEs, and Digitalization of Procurement”, ISPE 2024 underscores the importance of maintaining desire in every aspect of procurement of goods and services. In an era that is increasingly aware of environmental issues, this theme reflects the determination to make procurement the main pillar towards a more sustainable and environmentally sound future.

ISPE 2024 was opened directly by the Head of LKPP, Dr. Hendrar Prihadi, who was accompanied by well-known procurement industry leaders such as Sutardi (General Chair of AKEN), Arifin Abdul Majid (General Chair of APDESI), and Budi Joyo Santoso (KPPU Member). “That there are special values ​​or values ​​that are a priority when the products that will be purchased by procurement officials have a trekking aspect,” said the Head of LKPP when opening ISPE 2024, where we can see that the trekking aspect is one of them. the most important aspect in the procurement of goods and services in Indonesia. “LKPP believes that the key to success in realizing these positive results requires synergy and collaboration from all parties. “ISPE 2024 is a momentum for us together to align our viewpoints regarding aspects of sustainable interests in the procurement of goods/services in the Republic of Indonesia,” added the Head of LKPP.

Support from important figures such as Elisabeth (Head of General Bureau – Constitutional Court) and Supriadi (Head of the APUPPT Partnership Empowerment Center) as well as other LKPP officials also added to the excitement of the event.

With visitors reaching more than 1600 participants consisting of various central and regional government agencies. More than 21 ministries, 24 Provincial Governments, 30 Regency Governments, 23 City Governments, 26 Provincial Government Services, 6 Regency Government Services, 34 City Government Services, and a number of private companies, universities, schools, health centers and hospitals participated in this event. with their presence. ISPE continued by giving appreciation as the procurement with the highest number of PDN transactions given to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, DKI Jakarta Province, Denpasar City and Banyuwangi Regency.

Meetings between the private sector and government are often considered an important step in building strong partnerships for mutual progress. ISPE is present with a Business Matching session held exclusively for 8 provider companies with more than 80 participants from the central government, district government, city government, health centers, and so forth. Business Matching at ISPE 2024 is an important moment for business and government actors to interact directly, share ideas and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

Several names of officials and procurement activists in Indonesia took part in seminars at ISPE 2024. The seminar session on the first day opened with the topic “Dialogue on Adaptation of Updating the E-Catalog System 6.0 for Functional Officials for Procurement of Goods and Services and Providing Companies” delivered directly by Mr. Patria Susantosa (Plt. Deputy for Digital LKPP Procurement Transformation). Followed by the second session, namely “Digitalization of Procurement for Village, Island and Coastal, Regency, City and Provincial Governments Through Electronic Catalog 6.0” with speakers Yulianto Prihhandoyo (Director of LKPP Digital Procurement Market) and Anita Carollin (Young Policy Analyst, LKPP) which complements new knowledge regarding how to digitize procurement in various regions.

On the second day, ISPE opened with a seminar on the topic “Mitigation of Legal Problems and Audit of Government Procurement of Goods and Services in 2024” which was attended by Alexander Marwata (Deputy Chair of the Corruption Eradication Commission), Setya Budi Arijanta (Deputy for Legal Affairs and Resolving Objections, LKPP), and Dr . Richo Andi Wibowo (Lecturer at Faculty of Law UGM). “Let’s guard our PBJ, hopefully the e-catalog will not try to cheat, so act as honest vendors to avoid corruption,” said Mr. Alexander, who invited vendors to act honestly and not be corrupt. Then continued with a seminar discussing “Strategies for Maximizing the Procurement of Educational Equipment and Domestic Products at Universities and Schools in Indonesia” with speakers Mahardi ANGKAl Wicaksono (Ministry of Industry) and Siti Aisyah (Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology).

Not only that, ISPE also presented procurement experts at the International Symposium which was attended by Rowena Candice M. Ruiz (Government Procurement Policy Agency, Philippines), Iwan Herniwan (Main Secretary of LKPP), Sonny Sumarsono (General Chair of IAPI), and Samsul (Senior Procurement Specialist in Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan). “I want to emphasize three things in implementing environmentally friendly public procurement policies, sustainable public procurement. “First, create a clear and very important policy. Second, process and progress or system scale and everything, and finally an action plan,” said Mrs. Rowena regarding several things that are important for implementing sustainable procurement.

Stepping into a Greener Future

ISPE 2024 is not just an event, but a real step towards a greener and more sustainable future. With wide participation from various parties, this event provides new hope for the development of a responsible procurement industry that has a positive impact on the environment. For further information about ISPE and the latest regarding sustainable procurement, visit their official website at or follow the Instagram account Together, let’s create a greener future for future generations!

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ISPE 2024 was successfully held again and invited various sectors

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ISPE 2024 was successfully held again and invited various sectors

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