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Kolmar BNH Sharpens Global Competitiveness with Dual Function HemoHIM

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Seoul, South Korea–(ANTARA/Business Wire)– Kolmar BNH (KOSDAQ: 200130), a leading Original Development Manufacturing (ODM) company for health functional foods, strengthens its market position by obtaining certification for the additional function of HemoHIM, a well-known Korean health supplement .

The company obtained approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the fatigue-promoting function of HemoHIM angelica gigas extract complex, etc., derived from angelica gigas and other components in 2023. This achievement was achieved six years after the launch of the HemoHIM Sustainable Technology Development Project. As a result, HemoHIM is present on the market as a health product with dual functions designed to improve immune function and reduce fatigue.

HemoHIM, developed by Kolmar BNH in 2006, is the first individually approved immune-boosting health supplement in the country, formulated using genuine natural ingredients such as angelica gigas, cnidium officinale, and paeonia japonica. Distributed by Atomy, the product is now a global success, exported to over 20 countries and generating sales of over KRW 2 trillion with exports exceeding $200 million. This drug has remained the best-selling immune-boosting drug in Korea for more than a decade.

Kolmar BNH validated HemoHIM’s fatigue repair function through extensive clinical trials (human trials) and non-clinical trials (cell tests). In a trial involving adults aged 30 to 59 years who experienced fatigue, significant improvements were observed in fatigue measurements, including the Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) and Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI), after consumption of HemoHIM angelica gigas extract complex, etc. The findings were published in Phytomedicine Plus, an international journal dedicated to natural medicine, with patents registered in Korea and Russia.

Continuing its commitment to innovation following the launch of HemoHIM, Kolmar BNH allocates more than 2% of its annual sales to research and development. This investment aims to improve product functionality and strengthen competitive advantages.

HemoHIM G, which targets the global market, is one of the results of its dedication to R&D. Launched in Taiwan last month, HemoHIM G is a new export product that has made careful adjustments to raw materials and ingredient proportions to comply with international food regulations. The main ingredients such as Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong, and Paeonia lactiflora go through strict procurement procedures and strict quality control. The taste and aroma profiles are tailored to global consumer preferences. In addition, its safety has been certified in the prestigious academic journal “Toxicological Research”, accredited at SCIE level.

Kolmar BNH officials said, “Through relentless research and development efforts, Kolmar BNH has enhanced HemoHIM’s competitiveness. We are dedicated to promoting K-health functional foods globally through continuous innovation at HemoHIM.”


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Kolmar BNH Sharpens Global Competitiveness with Dual Function HemoHIM

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Kolmar BNH Sharpens Global Competitiveness with Dual Function HemoHIM

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