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P3DN helps reduce market dependence on imported goods: Ministry

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The policy to increase the Use of Domestic Products (P3DN) can minimize domestic market dependence on imported products, considering that the program helps domestic industry to increase the absorption of goods produced, said the Ministry of Industry.

“The P3DN policy can reduce dependence on imported products and inspire the spirit of nationalism throughout society, encouraging them to love and be proud of using domestically made products,” said the Director General of Small and Medium Industries and Miscellaneous at the Ministry. (IKMA), said Reni Yanita, Monday.

To strengthen the competitiveness of domestic industry in the P3DN policy, the government through Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2022 has allocated 40 percent of the value of the goods and services budget for ministries and institutions to purchase products produced by MSMEs and small and medium enterprises. medium industry (IKM), said Yanita.

Industries that want to take part in this program must have a domestic component level certificate (TKDN) issued by the Ministry of Industry to guarantee that their products are produced domestically, he explained.

Therefore, to optimize market absorption for domestic MSME products, the Ministry provides free and easy TKDN registration facilities through the National Industrial Information System (SIINas) portal in accordance with applicable regulations.

He emphasized that the Ministry also routinely carries out technical guidance and TKDN consultations as was carried out in Tangerang, Banten, on June 21 2024.

“This is a form of government support for small industries. “The government is helping small industries to easily obtain TKDN certificates through Minister of Industry Regulation Number 46 of 2022 concerning Provisions and Procedures for Calculating TKDN Values ​​for Small Industries,” he explained.

Furthermore, Secretary of the Ministry’s Directorate General of IKMA Riefky Yuswandi said, based on data from the small industry TKDN monitoring dashboard (TKDN-IK) as of June 19 2024, out of 34,113 applications for TKDN-IK certification were submitted. , 13,489 certificates were issued for a total of 16,496 products.

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P3DN helps reduce market dependence on imported goods: Ministry

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P3DN helps reduce market dependence on imported goods: Ministry

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