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PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk Holds Annual GMS for Fiscal Year 2023

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Jakarta, – PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk. (“Company”), one of the leading property development companies in Indonesia, held an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday, June 6 2024 at the Bella Vista IV Room, Hotel Jayakarta, Jakarta, which was followed by the annual Public Expose or Public Expose 2024[“[“Pubex 2024”]to investors, shareholders and the media.

In his presentation, the Director of PT. Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk, Mr. Toto Sasetyo Dwi Budi Listyanto who was accompanied by Mrs. Erna Heisriyanti as Corporate Secretary, Mr. Michael D. Pudjiadi as Senior Regional Property Manager and Mr. Veriko Sasetya as Senior Manager & Head of Admin of the Company, stated that in the 2023 Financial Year Although in general the Company’s operational and financial realization has not reached the target set at the beginning of the year, the Company was still able to record a Comprehensive Profit of Rp. 1.30 Billion.

In the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Mr. Toto Sasetyo Dwi Budi Listiyanto stated that the Company decided to distribute cash dividends of Rp. 10,- (ten rupiah) per share to all registered shareholders of the Company totaling 329,560,000 shares using the entire Net Profit for the 2023 Fiscal Year after deducting reserve funds and adding Retained Earnings (RE) whose use has not been determined and will be destroyed no later than -no later than June 27, 2024.

Apart from approving the Annual Report and Determining the amount of Dividends, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, Shareholders have also approved the implementation of a stock split with a ratio of 1:2. So the number of company shares will increase to 659,120,000 shares from the previous 329,560,000 shares. Meanwhile, the nominal value of PUDP shares per share will change to IDR 250 per share from previously IDR 500 per share. The Company carried out this stock split with the aim of increasing the trading liquidity of the Company’s shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

The increase in the number of shares in circulation and the relatively low share price is expected to attract investors’ interest in buying the Company’s shares. For the implementation of this Stock Split, the Company has obtained approval in principle from PT. Indonesian Stock Exchange via letter no S-03465/BEI.PP2/04-2024 dated 29 April 2024.

In his presentation at Pubex 2024, Mr. Toto Sasetyo Dwi Budi Listiyanto also said that “2024 will still be written by a number of challenges, especially on a global scale. “However, the Company is optimistic that Indonesia has excellent resistance and perseverance in facing challenging conditions so that the Company assesses that the property industry will still grow prospectively in the coming year.”

With this belief, in 2024 and 2025 the Company plans to collaborate with other parties to develop the Company’s land in Ubud, Bali because the Company sees Bali as a tourism industry magnet for foreign tourists. Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared over, Bali has once again become one of the tourist destinations that is very popular with foreign tourists. This has encouraged the Company to look for potential collaboration with other parties to develop land in Ubud, Bali.

Apart from that, project development in Serang is also continuing and with the completion of the construction of a model house at Villa Houston, Serang, the Company will start marketing housing with a commercial concept with a private pool in each house and this is the first in the city of Serang.

The company also plans in 2024 to appoint PT. Jayakarta Inti Management (JIM) as the Management Company which will be the hotel operator at Hotel Marbella & Convention, Anyer. With the appointed hotel operator, the Company believes that the Marbella & Convention Hotel will again become one of the hotel destinations targeted by tourists visiting Anyer.

In terms of sustainable practices, continued Mr. Toto Sasetyo Dwi Budi Listyanto, “The Company is committed to building a business that is sustainable and adaptive in facing business developments. The Company will adopt the desired values ​​based on the Triple Bottom Line, namely People, Profit and Planet. We will implement measures to contribute more to society, the climate and the planet.”

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PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk Holds Annual GMS for Fiscal Year 2023

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PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk Holds Annual GMS for Fiscal Year 2023

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