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RIPPP helps accelerate human development in Papua, the ministry said

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Papua Development Acceleration Master Plan (RIPPP) 2022–2041 can help the government accelerate human development in the country’s easternmost region in the next two decades, said the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN).

RIPPP was launched by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and Minister of National Development Planning Suharso Monoarfa in Sorong, Southwest Papua, on Friday.

“RIPPP envisions Papua as an independent, just and prosperous region and aims to create a Papua that is healthy, intelligent and productive,” said Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, Deputy for Development at the Ministry, in her statement, Saturday.

He believes that by referring to RIPPP as a development guideline, the government will be able to accelerate development in Papua, which is seen as an important step in achieving the goals of the Golden Indonesia 2045 vision.

He said, to realize a Healthy Papua, all stakeholders must provide quality health services evenly and direct the Papuan people towards a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Through this approach, he said that provinces in Papua will experience a reduction in the prevalence of stunting to below 10 percent, increase the life expectancy of their people, and eliminate malaria cases by 2041.

Regarding the mission to create a smart Papua, Virgiyanti emphasized the importance of quality education services to produce superior, creative, innovative and collaborative talents with strong character.

He emphasized that higher quality education would help the government increase school life expectancy in Papua to 14.59–16.1 years by 2041.

He emphasized the need to increase the competency, creativity and competitiveness of Papuan business actors to make Papua a productive region.

In this regard, the poverty and open unemployment rates in the region are expected to decrease to 5.81–2.82 percent and 4.11–1.73 percent respectively, he said.

Meanwhile, Otto Ihalauw, representative from Southwest Papua on the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Development of Special Autonomy for Papua (BP3OKP), underlined the importance of concrete action to follow up on RIPPP and overcome public skepticism towards the master plan.

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RIPPP helps accelerate human development in Papua, the ministry said

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RIPPP helps accelerate human development in Papua, the ministry said

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