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Shopee Expands Accessibility Through Inclusive Platform to Various

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Jakarta, – Amidst the rapid development of technology and digital transformation, efforts to encourage local product choices are increasingly receiving serious attention. In the spirit of continuing to support the MSME ecosystem and encourage the development of local businesses in Indonesia, various collaborations and commitments to expand accessibility have become the main focus at the beginning of 2024. With an inclusive and integrated approach, Shopee strives providing equal opportunities for MSMEs and local brands not only those living in big cities but also in regions throughout Indonesia.

As a form of effort to encourage MSMEs and local brands to be increasingly loved in Indonesia, this initiative… “Shopee Chooses Local” present as one of Shopee’s main pillars as well as a form of strong commitment to domestic economic growth. Shopee’s Select Local feature has successfully attracted more than 29 million visitors during the first half of 2024, and has become a special space for users to find a variety of superior and quality local favorite product collections. Not only a door for MSMEs and local brands to gain wider exposure, but also support in strengthening their brand awareness at the national level.

Monica Vionna, Marketing Growth Director of Shopee Indonesia expressed, “We are also proud that in the first semester Shopee has been able to contribute to creating a positive market, not only for local business actors in urban centers. MSMEs and local brands domiciled in areas such as Klaten Regency, Pandeglang, and Mojokerto included in the region with the highest increase in transactions this year. This shows how local business players from various regions are utilizing Shopee as a strong partner to create sustainable businesses and inclusive digital market penetration.”

The interest of Shopee users in various islands of Indonesia in hunting for superior products is also seen from the trend of the most sought-after local products. When viewed from a geographical perspective and divided by location and time;

Western Indonesia Time (WIB): Sumatra to Java

Starting from the western tip of Indonesia, various products Mode like Women’s PantsAnd Batik become various local products that are most widely purchased by the public along with the rapid development of fashion trends on these two islands. Interestingly, typical culinary delights such as snacks Banana crackers from category Food & Beverages no less dominant in the best-selling products this year.

Central Indonesian Time (WITA): Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, and the Nusa Tenggara Islands

Moving to the central side of Indonesia, as the islands are famous for their tourist attractions, products from the category Beauty like Sunblock become the most sought after product by the public today. It seems that the middle of this year is indeed the best time to welcome the holiday season, because products from the category Mode And Accessorieslike Slippers And Glasses also became the highest search list.

Eastern Indonesia Time (WIT): Maluku & Papua

Following the development of the current digital era, the need for high-tech products from the category Mobile Phones and Accessories like HP Case become the most sought after product by people on the island at the eastern tip of Indonesia. Not to be missed, it needs Home & Lifelike Dish rack And Curtain For Window also became the list of most sought-after products in the middle of this year.

Not only domestically, in order to achieve global market share through inclusive digital, Shopee also presents integrated services through… Shopee Export Program where more than 26 million local products have been exported to various countries. It doesn’t stop there, this positive achievement continues in early 2024 with increase in exported product transactions jump up more than 2 times compared to last year.

Thus, by mid-2024 it will be proven that Shopee will not only be a place for online shopping, but also become an active space for change in building a strong and sustainable local business ecosystem throughout Indonesia.

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Shopee Expands Accessibility Through Inclusive Platform to Various

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Shopee Expands Accessibility Through Inclusive Platform to Various

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