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Starring Morgan Oey and Valerie Thomas, “Romeo Breaks Promises”

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Jakarta, — The romantic drama film “Romeo Ingkar Janji” featuring Adhya Pictures and Creative Power Management announced the broadcast date via the Instagram accounts @romeoingkarkerjaan, @adhyapictures and @creativepowermanagement. Apart from the broadcast date, the Romeo Ingkar Janji Instagram account presents a snippet of a romantic scene between Morgan Oey and Valerie Thomas, who play Romeo and Agatha. Like being in a fairy tale fantasy world. In a lake trunk with a tent they made from wood and various grasses and cloth as a roof, the two of them made love to each other. Laughter and happiness complete the moment in the most romantic way.

The film “Romeo Ingkar Janji” was directed by the director who won the 2017 FFI Citra Award for Best Director, Emil Heradi and the screenplay was written by the writer who won the Citra Award for the 2018 FFI Best Adapted Screenplay, Titien Wattimena. Leni Lolang and Jeremy Thomas are producers on this film. The director of “Romeo Ingkar Janji” added that through this film, Indonesian audiences will also see a romantic story that blends with a touch of magic.

“Through this cut scene, we want to introduce the world of Romeo and Agatha in this film. “Romeo’s poetic character and a world that combines drama and magic, hopefully it will become an oasis in our cinema,” said the director of “Romeo Ingkar Janji” Emil Heradi.

The film “Romeo Breaks Promises” stars Morgan Oey, Valerie Thomas, Zulfa Maharani, Unique Priscilla, Widyawati, Donny Damara, Tatyana Akman and Fajar Nugra.

“Through the love story of Romeo and Agatha in the film Romeo Ingkar Janji, Adhya Pictures presents a sweet romantic story, with direction from ship’s crew And plaster cast experienced and talented, we hope that presenting the story of the romance and heartbreak of Romeo and Agatha can provide color and a sweet experience in watching, and of course can be accepted and enjoyed by the audience,” said Chief Operations Officer Adhya Pictures, Shierly Kosasih.

“The film “Romeo Ingkar Janji” is an Indonesian drama film which has a story theme about love that is fresh, different, and full of surprise in the story. We want to present a romance story through the characters Romeo and Agatha hook with Indonesian audiences,” added “Romeo Breaks Promises” producer Jeremy Thomas.

Follow the latest information and news from the film “Romeo Ingkar Janji” which will be shown in cinemas July 25 2024 on the Instagram/Tiktok accounts @romeoingkarkerjajan, @adhyapictures and @creativepowermanagement.

Cast of Romeo Breaks Promises:

Morgan Oey as Romeo, Valerie Thomas as Agatha, Donny Damara as Adrian, Widyawati as Oma Suci, Unique Priscilla as Nuri, Zulfa Maharani as Runa, Tatyana Akman as Dayu, and Fajar Nugra as Arya.

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Starring Morgan Oey and Valerie Thomas, “Romeo Breaks Promises”

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Starring Morgan Oey and Valerie Thomas, “Romeo Breaks Promises”

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