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Stories of Using Shopee Live to Strengthen Business Potential and

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Jakarta, – The dynamic changes in online shopping preferences that continue to develop make it a priority for Shopee to continue to innovate through a series of interactive features. Through features Direct Shop, Shopee transforms the way users shop in the digital era through trends direct shopping. This interactive feature succeeds in connecting buyers and sellers more closely, by offering solutions through interaction and communication real time through content live streaming.

Not only does it provide convenience for users, Shopee Live also has a significant positive impact on the growth of MSMEs and local brands by increasing the number of opportunities for local products to expand their reach. This opportunity was well utilized by Alice Norin, public figure & founder of Fashion Todaywhich succeeded in building the brand mode The local area reaches its maximum potential and reaps the rewards increased transactions by more than 30 times at various peak shopping campaigns with Shopee Live compared to normal days. As well as, Nella Sajida Talfa, office employee who became successful content creator on Shopee Live with the account @nellastyle thanks to her passion for sharing product inspiration mode Muslim.

The story of Alice Norin’s success in developing her local fashion brand with Shopee Live

Alice Norin built her local fashion brand, Fashion Today, since 2011, starting from her dream of bringing a new, authentic touch to Indonesian women. Initially, Fashion Today products were only sold to fellow artists. The production process is simple, starting from home with packaging in a garage involving only three employees. Fashion Today has started marketing various women’s clothing products such as shirts, t-shirts, trousers and various accessories.

In choosing quality raw materials, Alice often goes directly to the field, such as Tanah Abang and other MSME markets, to conduct research and buy raw materials from local business actors. Now, it has its own convection division located in Bandung and Solo and women’s shirt products are the products most sought after by consumers.

Fashion Today started joining SHOPEE in 2020 and will actively utilize SHOPEE Live starting October 2023. The decision to join SHOPEE is a strategic step for Alice to expand her market reach. Previously, Alice had tried to take advantage of the feature live streaming on other platforms, but the huge opportunities and benefits offered by Shopify Live, plus seeing fellow artists who had already joined Shopee, made him not think twice about joining. Through Shopee Live, Alice succeeded in boosting the image and sales of the Fashion Today brand with the advantage of interaction real time that connects it more closely with consumers.

Alice Norin, Current Public Figures & Fashion Founders, said “I felt extraordinary benefits and impacts after joining Shopee. Through the various campaigns and programs that we participate in, the Fashion Today brand that I own usually experiences an increase in transactions at every moment of new product launches and big holidays such as Eid. However, since deciding to actively utilize Shopee Live’s interactive features, so has the Fashion Today brand experienced a significant increase in transactions of more than 30 times at various peak campaigns presented by Shopee compared to normal days. I also feel closeness and closer interaction with my consumers now live streaming and of course it creates more trust and attraction for our products.”

Alice has now succeeded in opening up more job opportunities with the development of the Fashion Today brand team, which consists of up to 250 employees. Alice’s decision to have a live studio at home makes it very easy for her to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

“After I focused on deepening the industry live streaming on Shopee Live, I have more time to remember than before. Having a larger team certainly really helps me to coordinate and realize various strategic plans for the development of my business. Likewise, by spending time with my family, especially my children, I can easily find them without having to leave work,” he added Alice Norin.

From a hobby to achieving dreams, Nella’s Style earned hundreds of millions through content live streaming

Wrestle the world live streaming on Shopee Live and joined the Shopee Affiliate Program since November 2023, Nella started her work as creator from “zero”. As a Muslim woman who loves the world modehe likes to recommend various types of premium quality robe clothing products, which can be used for various occasions, from weddings, uniforms for women’s social gatherings, to Umrah worship.

Starting from her first live streaming session on Shopee Live which was only watched by more than 15 people, it did not stop Nella’s enthusiasm for working and innovating to create quality live streaming content until her audience jumped from hundreds to thousands, and became increasingly consistent until she was finally crowned as Top 20 Rising Stars of Content Creators on Shopee Directly.

“In the midst of my busy schedule as an office employee, my enthusiasm for development has not diminished excitement I as creator and world lover mode Muslim. Currently, I am also focused on being affiliate And live broadcaster on Shopee Live because I see huge opportunities and opportunities. My daily routine starts at four in the morning to start preparing myself to do it live streaming on Shopee Live until 07.30 am. After that, I went to the office to work, carrying out routine work obligations until five in the afternoon. Take a short break, then get back ready to do it again live streaming in the evening. “It turns out that this consistency helped me reach my maximum potential as a creator and even earn significant additional income,” he explained Nella.

In just less than a year of working as a creator on Shopee Live and the Shopee Affiliate Program, the quality of life felt by Nella has increasingly improved. Within one month, Nella managed to meet her monthly production. The income he earns from every live stream on Shopee Live is consistently increasing, providing better financial security for himself and his family. Starting from a hobby, he was able to earn tens of millions of rupiah per month, as the @nellasstyle account on Shopee Live grew, his income has now reached hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

“From the results of this hard work, I was finally able to rent an apartment which also became a studio room live streaming. Not only that, now I have succeeded in realizing my biggest dream, namely buying my first house. “Thanks to the success of my new career at Shopee Live, I also have the opportunity to share my fortune with the surrounding environment by opening up employment as an operational team @nellasstyle in helping the creative process of various live streaming content on Shopee Live,” said Nella.

How Alice Norin & Nella’s Style builds audience loyalty on Shopee Live

  • To attract attention and build audience loyalty on Shopee Live, Alice have the principle of not only positioning yourself as a seller, but also as a friend or even “friend” for the audience, who likes to be part of the solution to their needs and desires, and loves to inspire mix and match clothes to wear before starting lifeit always reminds users about the schedule life Today’s Fashion brands. During live sessions, he regularly holds question and answer sessions to understand customers’ wants and needs directly, as well as giving them the opportunity to see product details directly.
  • When creating a formula for each live streaming content, consistency is key Nella. He routinely schedules live streaming sessions regularly so that viewers will get used to and look forward to the sessions life To attract the attention of the audience at Shopee Live, Nella always useshighlight The recommended gamis product is a premium quality robe, which can usually only be found in premium boutiques, and can be had at an affordable price “wholesale price”.

Talking about future plans, Alice believes Shopee through its ecosystem will always be top thoughts people in shopping online, especially in the midst of trends direct shopping At the moment. He also hopes that Shopee can continue to create various new innovations through a series of interactive features that can make the shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable for customers.

“Certainly, my biggest hope with the Fashion Today brand is to be able to increase sales by 100% every year and continue to be committed to always innovating and presenting the best products and services with Shopee,” concluded Alice Norin.

On the other hand, Nella also hopes to continue working to contribute to advancing MSMEs and local brands by displaying more quality local products. He conveyed a message to potential creators who want to enter the world of live streaming.

“For fellow potential creators out there, becoming a creator on Shopee Live and the Shopee Affiliate Program is a very exciting journey and full of opportunities. “Through Shopee Live, we have the opportunity to showcase our various skills and passions to a wider audience,” he concluded Nella.

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Stories of Using Shopee Live to Strengthen Business Potential and

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Stories of Using Shopee Live to Strengthen Business Potential and

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