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Tan Xuguang: I Will Act As Minister of Logistics for Our Customers!

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Penang, Malaysia, (ANTARA/PRNewswire) – To advance Weichai Power’s brand development in Malaysia and strengthen its international reputation under the “Remarkable Shandong” initiative, Tan Xuguang conducted an extensive field survey with end users in West Malaysia from June 20 to 21 . He engages in detailed discussions with shipowners and channel partners, focusing on product improvements, customer satisfaction and optimizing resource allocation.

Conducting Thorough On-Site Testing with Customers is the Only Method to Obtain the Most Accurate Information

Tan He dynamically adjusts strategies in real-time.

Tan Xuguang coordinated the battery configuration of Baoli electric forklifts under KION Group (Germany) on site.

He conducted live tests on Howo MAX heavy-duty trucks assembled with Weichai engines from SINOTRUK, assessing vibration and noise levels based on engine sound.

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience is Critical to Pushing a Brand to Higher Levels

Over breakfast, Tan Xuguang interacted with three Malaysian shipowners to understand their operational experience with Weichai engines and their future product needs. After learning that the Weichai engine saved RM10,000 (approximately RMB 16,000) per month in fuel costs compared to competitors. Tan Xuguang expressed its commitment to enhancing technological excellence and performance to provide greater value for customers. He emphasized that only through such efforts can the Weichai brand soar high and be invincible. Furthermore, he will act as the logistics minister for our customers!

Tan Xuguang then held market channel meetings and customer discussions in Singapore and Malaysia, listening to partners’ concerns and long-term development suggestions regarding products, business, spare parts and services.

“We aim to advance the deployment of channel resources, technical teams and spare parts services, accelerate localization efforts and lead the increase in product consumption,” said Tan Xuguang. “We will collaborate with partners to build a sustainable growth framework for export businesses. Overseas offices must be positioned as market leaders, ensuring our presence wherever our customers are. We can’t sit in air-conditioned offices in big cities and expect results! “

Accelerating the Construction of Weichai (Singapore) Product Exhibition and Customer Training Center.

Tan Xuguang concluded his visit by inspecting the ongoing construction of the Weichai (Singapore) Product Showcase and Customer Training Center. There, he held a meeting with the entire executive to systematically summarize his visit to Southeast Asia and provide clear direction for future action.

Source: Weichai Power Co., Ltd

Reporter: PR Wire
Editor: PR Wire
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Tan Xuguang: I Will Act As Minister of Logistics for Our Customers!

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Tan Xuguang: I Will Act As Minister of Logistics for Our Customers!

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