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The decision on constitutional amendments is not final: Chairman of the MPR

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Bambang Soesatyo stated that although the parliamentary parties have aspirations to amend the 1945 Constitution, the decision is not yet final.

Soesatyo also explained that he had never said that the political parties agreed to the amendment because a consensus had not been reached.

“I only expressed aspirations (from political parties) to consider amendments to the 1945 Constitution as a whole. “I am not stating that all political parties agree to the amendment,” said Soesatyo in a statement received in Jakarta, Friday (7/6). .

The chairman of the DPR attempted to deny the report submitted against him by a student named Azhari to the DPR Honorary Council on Thursday (6 June). Azhari reported Soesatyo for misleading that the entire parliamentary caucus had approved amendments to the Constitution.

Soesatyo said that aspirations for constitutional amendments had been conveyed by national figures who hoped that the DPR would examine potential amendments comprehensively by conducting academic studies.

He believes that the 1945 Constitution, which has been amended four times, has caused the nation to lose direction and lose direction, and calls for correction of these mistakes.

Even Amien Rais, Chairman of the 11th MPR, has expressed regret and apologized for changes to the Constitution in the 1999-2002 period, he said.

If all political parties agree to the constitutional amendment, the process will be started by members of the 2024-2029 DPR who were elected in the last election because it will take at least six months, he explained.

The chairman of the MPR is also optimistic that the next parliament will accelerate efforts to “perfect” the Indonesian Constitution and reform the nation’s politics and democracy in accordance with the nation’s character.

Therefore, I regret that M. Azhari spreads hoaxes as intended in the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (UU ITE). “I hope that he, who represents Muslim students in Jakarta, realizes his mistake,” he said.

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The decision on constitutional amendments is not final: Chairman of the MPR

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The decision on constitutional amendments is not final: Chairman of the MPR

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