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The Importance of Preserving the Elephant Corridor in Seblat Bengkulu: BKSDA

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Bengkulu (ANTARA) –

The Bengkulu Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) highlights the importance of maintaining elephant corridors in the Seblat Landscape to protect Sumatran elephants and help them live in harmony with humans.

To achieve this goal, continued efforts to increase public awareness about elephant corridor conservation are essential because they can help mitigate human-elephant conflicts (HECs) in Bengkulu, said Acting Head of the Agency, Delfi Andra.

“The elephant corridor in the Seblat Landscape needs to be maintained considering the potential presence of large numbers of Sumatran elephants in the area,” he said in a press statement in Jakarta, Tuesday.

At the same time, there may be community or corporate activities near the area, which overlap with elephant habitat, he said, adding that elephant corridors would help prevent HEC.

“In this regard, BKSDA welcomes the research findings of the Institute for Research and Community Service at Bengkulu University regarding the socio-economic activities carried out by Seblat Landscape settlers,” he said.

“The research findings published by this university can be a credible reference for finding ways to prevent the recurrence of human-wildlife conflict in Bengkulu,” he added.

As previously reported, the BKSDA-Bengkulu Office has been aware of a serious threat to wild elephant habitat in the province since 2011.

The agency said that the habitat of these protected animals is shrinking due to continued encroachment on limited production forests in the Pasar Seblat area, North Bengkulu Regency.

Limited production forests that serve as habitat for wild elephants have been surrounded by commercial plantations and residential areas, according to the agency.

The Indonesian government has listed the Sumatran elephant as an endangered mammal in the country.

According to figures published on the official World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website, the Sumatran elephant population is estimated at around 2,400–2,800 individuals.

The world’s leading organization working in the field of wildlife and endangered species conservation states that ivory can still be found on markets in Africa and Asia, as well as in the United States and Europe.

WWF also notes that poaching for the illegal ivory trade remains a serious threat to the lives of wild elephants in several countries. (INE)

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The Importance of Preserving the Elephant Corridor in Seblat Bengkulu: BKSDA

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The Importance of Preserving the Elephant Corridor in Seblat Bengkulu: BKSDA

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