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The Latest Thriller Drama Series 'Sehati Semati' Officially Released on

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Jakarta, – As part of our ongoing commitment to presenting shows and entertainment quality which is easily accessible to the public, Telkomsel through the video-on-demand platform and content producer MAXstream Studios collaborated with Sinemaku Pictures to release the latest original series with a thriller drama genre entitled ‘Sehati Semati’ which will air starting June 28, 2024. This suspenseful original series will present a story about five friends who are trapped in a mysterious ancient board game called SURRA, where all five of them experience life-threatening terror and are trapped in a parallel world.

The ‘Sehati Semati’ series stars talented young actors such as Yasamin Jasem who plays Sinta, Megan Domani as Sheila, Abun Sungkar as Tio, Dianda Sabrina as Fina, Ciccio Manassero as Rega, and Ashira Zamita as Acel. This series also features appearances from experienced actors and actresses such as Imelda Therinne, Johan Morgan, Tegar Satrya, and Bizael Tanasale. Directed by renowned Indonesian director, Yusuf Jacka Ardana, this series is expected to provide a new nuance in the world of thriller dramas in Indonesia. Meanwhile, to ensure high quality from every aspect of the production, the ‘Sehati Semati’ series was produced by Yahni Damayanti, Prilly Latuconsina, and Umay Shahab.

Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel, Nirwan Lesmana said, “Collaboration with Sinemaku Pictures in the series ‘Sehati Semati’ is a real proof of Telkomsel’s spirit that is in line with Indonesia’s spirit in driving the progress of the film and creative industry in the country by continuing to provide space for young filmmakers to work. We are sure that this series will be one of the favorite shows that can present a different and interesting viewing experience for customers and the community.”

The series ‘Sehati Semati’ tells the story of five high school girls: Sheila, Rega, Acel, Fina, and Tio, who accidentally find an ancient board game in Sheila’s house. They don’t know that the game contains dangerous demonic powers and can threaten the lives of its players. When they start playing, the careless Tio starts the game the wrong way and immediately falls into a coma, trapped in another scary world. Sheila and her friends panic and try to find the previous owner of the house to get clues to save Tio. They finally find Sinta and her father Surya, who turns out to be the previous owner of the house and knows the secret of the game. Only by completing the game can they save Tio. However, the rules of the game prohibit the involvement of outsiders other than the players, and unknowingly, their actions involving Sinta and Surya bring disaster.

“I feel grateful and grateful to MAXStream Studios and Sinemaku Pictures for entrusting me to work on ‘Sehati Semati’. This has been an important and meaningful learning process for me. Filming with the crew and cast was fun. “Hopefully Indonesian audiences can enjoy it starting June 28 2024 on MAXstream and MyTelkomsel,” added ‘Sehati Semati’ Director Yusuf Jacka.

“The ‘Sehati Semati’ series will present viewers with a show full of tension with mystery puzzles from a mysterious ancient gameboard. In this game, there will be several rules that will affect the players. With this interesting storyline, the audience will follow the adventures of five friends who are trapped in terror until they find out the end,” added ‘Sehati Semati’ Executive Producer Prilly Latuconsina.

This suspense-filled story provides a fun viewing experience with an unexpected plot twist. Watch the suspense series ‘Sehati Semati’ for free only on the MAXstream and MyTelkomsel applications.

MAXstream Studios is a production house that has produced films and series with the main launch platforms on MAXstream, Allplay Entertainment, Funplanet & MyTelkomsel. MAXstream Studios has produced as many as 124 film and series content titles that can be enjoyed on various screening channels, from cinemas, Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, to Free-to-Air (FTA). Further information regarding the Sehati Semati series and various other MAXstream Studios content can be accessed on the social media account

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The Latest Thriller Drama Series 'Sehati Semati' Officially Released on

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The Latest Thriller Drama Series 'Sehati Semati' Officially Released on

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