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Want to Start a Restaurant Business in Indonesia? – Indoservices

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Want to Start a Restaurant Business in Indonesia? – Currently the Instagrammable restaurant business is becoming a favorite, both beginners and business people are competing to set up contemporary restaurants. It’s contemporary because it doesn’t just rely on good taste, but strategic location and interior are also taken into consideration. Does setting up a restaurant require complicated permits?

Please note that according to Indonesian laws and regulations, to set up a restaurant, every business actor is required to have a Business Identification Number (NIB). NIB itself is proof of registration or registration of a business actor to carry out business activities.

Requirements for setting up a cafe or restaurant

Based on Permenparekraf 18/2021, the restaurant classification itself consists of 2 risk level categories, namely:

1. Low medium risk based tourism business

Restaurants with 50 to 100 seats

2. Medium and high risk-based tourism businesses

Restaurant with seating for 101 to 200 units

Regarding the risk basis, restaurants that are classified as medium low or high risk tourism businesses are still required to have a standard certificate (legality in the form of a statement by the business actor to meet business standards through OSS). This standard certificate is issued by the Central Government or Regional Government according to their respective authorities based on the results of verification of compliance with business activity standards.

Apart from that, tourism business actors are also required to have a Tourism Business Certificate issued by the Business Certification Institute, this is important because every tourism business actor is obliged to maintain and improve the quality of products, services and tourism business management.

Balinese Restaurant

Ownership of this restaurant business can be owned by both locals and foreigners, but foreign ownership must be managed by a Limited Liability Company. In Presidential Decree 44/2016, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership in the restaurant business sector.

This is different from the previous presidential regulation, namely Presidential Regulation Number 39 of 2014 concerning List of Closed Business Fields and Open Business Fields with Requirements in the Investment Sector (“Perpres 39/2014”) which limits foreign ownership in the restaurant sector. With the enactment of Presidential Decree 44/2016, Presidential Decree 39/2014 is declared revoked and invalid.

Can restaurants hire foreign chefs?

Every foreigner who works in Indonesia is required to have a work permit and residence permit obtained through an application to the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration where the foreigner is domiciled. Then, every TKA employed by a TKA employer must have:

  1. Education in accordance with the qualifications of the position held;
  2. Competency or work experience of at least 5 (five) years in accordance with the qualifications of the position held; And
  3. Transferring expertise to TKA Supporting Workers.

The conditions for obtaining a work permit and residence permit for foreign workers are:

  1. Cover Letter from Sponsor
  2. Sponsor’s Representations and Warranties
  3. Sponsor ID card
  4. The legality of the company
  5. Submission form
  6. TKA passport
  7. TKA Current Account
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Certificate Degree
  10. Certificate of domicile

Before starting to run a business in the food & beverage sector, it’s a good idea for you to know in advance what you have to prepare first as a condition for running a business in this sector. Because opening a restaurant not only requires delicious food and drinks or a clean and comfortable place, but also requires licensing as a form of business legality in running the business.

Find out directly what licensing requirements must be had for companies in the tourism sector, restaurant sector in Bali – Indonesia.

For more details, you can contact us Indoservice regarding the legality or licensing of companies in Indonesia.

Indoservice, a consulting company for secretarial and licensing services that can help you establishment of a company in Indonesia and permits related to the business. Trusted and experienced in Indonesia, committed to providing the best and fastest service to meet your needs. Contact us now for special offers at +62877-1449-8500 or

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Want to Start a Restaurant Business in Indonesia? – Indoservices

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Want to Start a Restaurant Business in Indonesia? – Indoservices

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